'Orphan' Angers Adoptive Parents

New horror flick upsets adoptive parents. CREDIT: imbd.com
Warner Brothers new movie "Orphan" might be a horror flick, but it's scaring adoptive parents for an entirely different reason. The film, about a charming child who turns evil after bei...

Soldier brings home unusual souvenir from Iraq

I'm sure that soldiers expect to come back from a tour of duty in Iraq at least a little different. A lot probably also expect to bring back a souvenir or two. Captain Scott Southworth, however, came back with something very much on his mind -- a ver...

Disney heroes come from non-traditional families

Karen Walrond pointed me to this post at The Anti-Racist Parent looking closer at a multitude of Disney heroes, both recent and classic. From Snow White ("dead mother, raised by abusive Stepmother and neglectful father") to Aladdin ("orphaned and hom...

Boobs (and hearts) big enough to feed a continent

"I used to joke that I had enough breast milk to feed a continent," says Jill Youse, 29. "I had a ton of it and I didn't know what to do." Her daughter Estella was born last July and she found herself with an overabundance of the valuable stuff. Sear...

Angelina Jolie's pediatrician, Jane Aronson, featured in Elle Magazine

This month's Elle Magazine has a really inspirational article:  "The Secrets of Successful Women:  12 High Achievers and Late Bloomers Tell How They Did It."  One of the women they feature is Dr. Jane Aronson,  sometimes...


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