Atheism and parenthood

Not so long ago I wrote a few articles about my religious convictions (I have none) and the possibility of those for my son. He doesn't have any, yet, that I know of. After all, he's a wee nine months old. Recently, Time Magazine posted an article ...

Five bucks for kids

I received an email yesterday from my blog friend Karen Rani of Troll Baby. Her good friends are embarking on a mission to Swaziland at the end of the month to volunteer their time, supplies, and money. Astonishingly, 70% of the country makes less th...

Madonna plans to run African orphanage

If you thought Madonna's career was pretty much over, wait till you see her second act! Rumor is she's planning to take on the role of Ms. Hannigan in the Mchinji, Malawai stage production of Annie. Take that, Carol Burnett! Apparently the pastor who...

Boobs (and hearts) big enough to feed a continent

"I used to joke that I had enough breast milk to feed a continent," says Jill Youse, 29. "I had a ton of it and I didn't know what to do." Her daughter Estella was born last July and she found herself with an overabundance of the valuable stuff. Sear...

Maria's Children -- an arts rehabilitation centre for Russian orphans

Earlier today I told you about the e-mail I received from Dr. Julian Davies.  Well, as it turns out, Dr. Davies also volunteers at an amazing organization called Maria's Children -- so amazing, I thought I'd tell you about it. Maria's Children i...

A loving family can boost a child's intelligence

The UK Guardian is reporting the results of a five-year study which seems to indicate that depriving children of a loving family environment causes not only lasting damage to their emotional and psychological wellbeing, but to their intelligence and ...

Italy's Baby Drop Box gets a high-tech upgrade

From Wired.com:  In Italy, the custom of having "drop off boxes" for desperate women who found they couldn't care for their babies has been around since medieval times.  In the northern Italian town of Padua, women used to place t...


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