Some Breast-Feeding Moms Risk Osteoporosis

Switching from breast to bottle after a few years could save your bones. Credit: Getty Images
If you're still breast-feeding your 3-year-old, you might want to reconsider. A new study shows that moms who engage in extended breast-feeding, whi...
Breast-feed today, break a hip down the road?

Skinny Kids Should Exercise to Create Strong Bones

Dear Reggie, I have a 13-year-old daughter who is occasionally active. Several days a week she plays at recess and lunch time with her friends at school. Other days she enjoys sitting around and hanging out with her friends. Whenever she plays sports...

How to Optimize Your Child's Bone Health

Dear Karla, I grew up with the message that I had to drink lots of milk so that I'd get enough calcium for healthy, strong bones. I know that in today's society, dairy items are not necessarily as popular as they once were, and my family does not ea...

Life in the womb helps to predict health of child

As if harboring another life within our bodies for approximately nine months is not enough of a feat in itself, research indicates that the womb enivironment for that small being could predict a child's well being later in life. It is not enough to m...

Benefits of Vitamin D for moms

It looks like many moms might want to add Vitamin D to their lists of must have vitamins. Recent research has shown that Vitamin D ease aches and pains, strengthen bones, might slow down cancer and prevent diseases as varied as Type 1 diabetes, multi...

Protect your baby from osteoporosis

Concerned about your unborn child getting osteoporosis when he or she gets older? Probably not the first concern on your mind during your pregnancy, but an easily preventable one nonetheless. A recent study showed that if a pregnant mom didn't get e...


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