Total eclipse of the moon

One of the really nice benefits of coming up here to the mountains is that there is a lot less light pollution at night than there is in The City. That means that many more stars are visible than back home. I'm certainly no celestial expert, but I ca...

6-year-old hunter called the 'deerslayer'

Hunter Orman seems normal enough. He plays goes to school, plays video games, and hangs out with his friends. But the first grader has been making waves in his hometown of Beebe, Arkansas recently -- as a deerslayer. The 6-year-old hunter started ...

Lack of vitamin D putting kids at risk

For some reason, Ellie has decided that milk is the most delicious beverage known to man and requests glass after glass of the stuff. Obviously, this is a good thing as we all know that vitamin D is good for her growing bones. But did you know that s...

Things you can do with one hand

Now, come on--get your mind out of the gutter! Yes, you can do THAT with one hand (or so I am told), but what I was referring to was things you can do with one hand when you have a little one in the other. I was joking to my colleagues at ParentDis...

The ten best knots

If you've got kids, chances are you're going to end up having to tie some knots. It may just be an occasional rope to hang some sheets for a fort, or you may go all boy scout and get into backpacking and rock climbing and sailing and so on. Either wa...

What to keep on hand for outdoors adventures

While everyone else is still knee deep in snow, it is now officially Spring here in Texas. We've been wearing shorts for about a week or two and all the doors and windows are open to enjoy the few weeks of nice weather before hot and humid sneak in. ...

Baby proofing the outdoors

In my prenatal classes, they had a short section on baby proofing your home. Get on your hands and knees and look around the house, they said.  See it from a baby's perspective and you'll get an understanding of what needs to be done. Our house ...


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