March Break Madness: How to Beat Boredom

Hey, there. It's March Break. How are you? More importantly, where are you? If you're reading this, my guess is you're still here. Yup, Cabin Fever is still here, too. We're not in Florida, soaking in vitamin D and splashing in the ocean. We're not e...

Are your childfree friends feeling left behind?

Hugh Grant, in the movie Nine Months, finds out he's going to be a father and, suddenly, he's dragged into the world of being friends with Tom Arnold and Joan Cusack, two inveterate parents. Since having kids, I no longer go out to lunch with co-work...

Not your mother's mom club

Adventure Moms is a group of mothers. Sure, there are tons of mommy groups out there, organizing playdates, taking stroller walks around the local mall, discussing the latest parenting books. This one, however, is different. The group plans less trad...

Ignoring the rules, like everyone else

Sunday was brilliantly sunny this weekend, and I wanted to take Nolan outside to enjoy the giddiness of spring in the salty ocean air. We stopped for a coffee and a juice, and packed my brother's roly-poly chocolate lab in the back of the Jeep, inten...

A night alone -- what to do, where to go?

Twice in one month! That's definitely a record for us. In fact, going out for the evening without kids twice in one year is a record. Even before we had kids, we had other issues we were dealing with that kept us from being the party animals we would...

Stroller for tall people

Nolan's refused a stroller for several months now, but he may have to get used to one again because I have a hernia operation scheduled for next month (I know, TMI, but gross! And apparently not that uncommon after giving birth) and my surgeon has ad...

What to keep on hand for outdoors adventures

While everyone else is still knee deep in snow, it is now officially Spring here in Texas. We've been wearing shorts for about a week or two and all the doors and windows are open to enjoy the few weeks of nice weather before hot and humid sneak in. ...

Baby Disco crosses the pond

Sarah Gilbert told us last year about the Baby Disco phenomenon in France, and all the babies in America cried because they needed to rock too. Their cries have been answered, Baby Loves Disco has made it's way to the US, starting in Philadelphia and...


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