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Should you quit using talc on your baby?

Baby powder smells good and feels good too, that's why it's been used on babies' bottoms for decades. But for the last several years, pediatricians have been telling parents to resist the urge. Not only is there little evidence that talcum powder pre...

Babies still an option for those with ovarian cancer?

A new study out from Stanford University has found that young women diagnosed with ovarian cancer could go on to have children, thanks to a new option that avoids a hysterectomy. The researchers focussed on women of childbearing age and found that if...

Goodnight, Cancer Baby

CancerBaby died yesterday. Thank you, Amy, for telling us. CancerBaby was thirty-three years old and cancer ravaged her and took her before she could have the one thing she wanted more than anything else in her life: A baby. It seems incredibly poign...


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