Kids May Be Overdosing on Prescription Meds, Report Says

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Know what, and how much your kids are taking. Credit: Getty Images Your child could be at risk of overdosing on prescription pain medications. WebMD reports a lot of prescrip...
Researchers suggests pain meds for kids may be too heavy.

Study Finds Children Overmedicated on Purpose

It sounds like an episode from CSI. In fact, if I recall correctly, it was an episode of CSI. A child meets an untimely end due to being overmedicated with cough syrup. Why? The parents wanted her to calm down or be quiet or some such thing. It sou...

Camphor is dangerous for children

The Health Department warned New Yorkers this week to avoid giving products containing camphor to their children. Three seizures in children in the Bronx have been connected with camphor overdose. Children ingest it (which no one should) or it is ...

Drug combo killed Anna Nicole's son

The inquest into the death of Daniel Smith has confirmed that the 20-year-old son of Anna Nicole Smith died from a lethal combination of prescription drugs. A Bahamian pathologist testified Monday that the autopsy of Daniel found more than eight diff...

Teen overdoses on coffee

Has the pressure of extra homework, an after-school job, and a demanding social life got your teen started drinking coffee just so they keep can up? You might want to warn them that, even though caffeine seems harmless, too much could put them in the...

4 year old's overdose raises questions

At 2 years old, Rebecca Riley was diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity and bipolar disorder. Last December, she died at the age of 4 from an overdose of medications prescribed by her psychiatrist to treat her condition. Prosecutors claim Re...

Second Autopsy inconclusive for Anna Nicole Smith's son

A second autopsy performed on Daniel Smith, son of former Guess! model and reality TV star Anna Nicole Smith, has proved to be inconclusive. Anna Nicole, who had sought privacy in the Bahamas to give birth to her daughter, has requested the second au...


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