Why Is My Teenage Son Overeating? From Dr. Drew

Sex and addiction expert Dr. Drew responds to a concerned mother's question about her teenage son's unhealthy eating habits.
Don't miss on MarloThomas.com: Forget the Hook-Ups! Dr. Drew strongly encourages young people to "cultivate da...
Dr. Drew responds to a concerned mother's question about her teenage son's unhealthy eating habits.

Are You Raising a "Good" Eater?

As long as there have been mothers, children have been admonished: "Clean your plate!" Parents will go to great lengths to command, cajole or trick their picky kids into consuming the broccoli or beets left cold and uneaten. Doubtless, it's done with...

Slow Down at Mealtime to Avoid Overeating

A new study published in The Endocrine Society's Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism, has revealed that eating fast rather than slow limits the release of hormones in the gut that trigger the feeling of being full. In the study, ...

Economy Driving Moms to Drink

Is this your economic survival strategy? Image: sxc.hu
Times are tough all over. For so many of us, incomes have decreased while expenses have not. Where bill-paying used to involve sitting down to write some checks, it can now resemble a workout...

The thin line between encouraging kids to eat and obesity

Poor kids! They are often chastised for not finishing their meals, yet research shows that more and more are becoming obese. What should we do? A study in the September issue of The Journal of Pediatrics evaluated the role of mothers prompting their ...


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