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Childhood Obesity Not Improving: Time for Action

Over the last several decades, research findings have continued to verify the rising rates of childhood obesity around the world. Study after study has revealed the health of our youth deteriorating right before our eyes. At the end of e...

Kids meals priced by weight

The management of the Oulton Hall Hotel near Leads in the UK have an odd sense of humor. They thought they would have a 'bit of fun' and make parents pay for their children's Sunday dinner based on weight. Not the weight of the food the child consume...

War on obesity now targeting toddlers

What some parents view as "baby fat" might be considered "overweight" to a pediatricians, which is why weight management programs aimed at children as young as two years old have been developed. In response to doctors reporting seeing patients overwe...

Obese kids miss more school

A new study from the University of Pennsylvania and Temple University finds that being overweight is the best predictor for school absenteeism. Researchers say that elementary school kids who are obese miss more school days than their normal-weight c...

Is overfeeding kids child abuse?

Last month, Kristin wrote about a 400 pound child and pondered whether her parent's were guilty of abuse for letting their seven-year-old child get that heavy. The consensus among those who commented on her story was that the girl was most likely suf...

7 year-old girl weighs 400 pounds: child abuse?

The epidemic of child obesity in North America has been devoured and spit out by the media a million and thirty two times. We already know that so many of our kids eat too much and play too little. It's easy to offer a black and white opinion, like I...

Babies Getting Fatter

Researchers say infants are 59 percent more likely to be overweight today than they were two decades ago. In a study in Obesity, 120,680 children under six years of age found that children, especially infants, are now more likely to be overweight. Lo...

Being obsese may exacerbate headaches in kids, experts say

Children who suffer from migraine headaches are 36 percent more likely to be overweight, according to a new study to be presented this week at the annual meeting of the American Headache Society in Los Angeles. Investigators at the Cincinnati Childre...


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