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When Schools Report Students' Weight to Parents, Changes Seldom Happen, Study Finds

Researcher says schools should be more pro-active when it comes to notifying parents of obese children. Credit: John Moore, Getty Images So, your kid got an B- in math, a C in science and totally flunked when it came to his weight last...Researcher says schools should be more pro-active when it comes to notifying parents of obese children.

Ostracized Overweight Kids Eat More, Exercise Less

Check out what our Healthy Family Challengers are doing to stay in shape!
Credit: Getty Images When overweight kids are teased or ostracized because of their weight, it doesn't inspire them to slim down. Instead, they get depressed. ...
Researchers suggests friends are a healthy alternative to food.

Federal School Lunches Linked to Obesity

New research shows that kids who eat breakfast actually weigh less. Credit: Corbis
You should listen when your mom tells you that breakfast is the most important meal of the day -- especially if you don't want your kids to be overweight. Scien...

Are Parents of Obese Kids Abusive?

Could a heavy kid land you in the pokey? Credit: Cobb County Sheriff's Office
Think twice before you give your child that candy bar or cookie -- some are saying obese kids have abusive parents. Two extremely obese Georgia children who were...

Child is a Little Overweight: How Bad?

"I have a 10-year-old son that I have concerns about," writes an upset mom, who says that her son is not interested in any sports, and that there's not much physical activity at home. "He loves the computer and is an advanced student," Mom writ...

Higher Obesity Risk for Children Watched by Grandparents

As busy working parents with two young children, my wife and I have often considered leaving our kids with their grandparents instead of daycare. When they were really young, it seemed like the rational choice. Our kids would be supervised by lovin...

Can't Get Your Kid to Lose Weight? Try Swimming

Dear Reggie, My 13-year-old son and 11-year-old daughter are both overweight. Their doctor recommended I put them on an exercise routine and get them involved in sports. After showing them some exercises to do at home and trying to get them to play ...

Are You Raising a "Good" Eater?

As long as there have been mothers, children have been admonished: "Clean your plate!" Parents will go to great lengths to command, cajole or trick their picky kids into consuming the broccoli or beets left cold and uneaten. Doubtless, it's done with...

Case Study: Managing Weight During Puberty

I was once approached by a mother who was concerned that her 11-year-old daughter was overweight. She assured me that her daughter was active as she was involved in dance classes several times a week and played with her friends during recess. She tol...

Childhood Obesity Not Improving: Time for Action

Over the last several decades, research findings have continued to verify the rising rates of childhood obesity around the world. Study after study has revealed the health of our youth deteriorating right before our eyes. At the end of e...

Who's Popular Now? Plus-Size Teen-Lit Heroes

More teen novels are featuring plus-sized characters. Credit: Getty Images
More and more plus-size protagonists are popping up in teen literature, as girls and boys of all ages and sizes learn to accept their bodies. According to the Centers...

Kids meals priced by weight

The management of the Oulton Hall Hotel near Leads in the UK have an odd sense of humor. They thought they would have a 'bit of fun' and make parents pay for their children's Sunday dinner based on weight. Not the weight of the food the child consume...

Obese toddlers more likely to be iron deficient

A new study published in the journal Pediatrics reveals that of the 960 U.S. kids aged 1 to 3 studied, 20 percent of those who were overweight suffered from iron deficiency. Lack of iron in the blood reduces the amount of oxygen carried through the b...

Experts want more bluntness in discussing childhood obesity

A new set of recommendations for pediatricians and medical professionals who work with children suggest it's time to stop sugar-coating childhood weight problems and start using the clinical terms like "overweight" and "obese". Historically the gover...

Overweight kids steroetyped in children's books?

Recently, I was reading to Ellie from an old storybook of mine when we came across a character named Fats. As I sometimes do when reading to her, I edited the story. I didn't like that his name was Fats and I didn't like how his weight was used to po...


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