Mom's Voice Is as Comforting as a Hug, Study Shows

Nothing soothes like mama's voice. Credit: Getty Images
It often helps to talk to your mother. That could be a scientific fact. Researchers at the University of Wisconsin in Madison found that hearing your mother's voice can release similar le...

Breastfeeding - Does it Protect Kids From Neglect?

Breastfeeding does a baby's body good ... that much we already know. But a 15-year study of over 6,000 Australian children discovered that breastfeeding may benefit babies in another way -- protecting them from neglect. Babies who were breastfed f...

Cesarean section means mom is less attached

The study is very small (only twelve women), the difference is not huge (around five percent), and the disparity disappears shortly after birth but new research seems to suggest that women who give birth via Cesarean section may not bond as well with...

French physician says moms with C-sections don't bond well

French obstetrician Michel Odent has a lot of cajones. He claims that artificial childbirth induction and C-sections prevent the release of hormones (oxytocin) that cause a woman to "fall in love" with her baby. Oh? Well, tell that to women who have ...


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