Breaking the Binkie Habit

Sometimes pacifiers suck. Credit: Corbis
Pacifiers are a mom's best friend, until they're not. Whether binkie, blanket or thumb, babies need an outlet for their natural urge to suck. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, as it enables infants...

Baby Pulls Fire Alarm, Parenting 'Round the World and More - Links We Love

A neighbor's three-year-old repeatedly comes across the street to visit without her parents' knowledge, sometimes for up to an hour. Call CPS, talk to the parents, or just keep waiting for her to get picked up ... what would you do? -- MomLogic Di...

Michelle Duggar, Nursery Decorating Tips, and Bad Babysitters - Links We Love

So your baby is turning one, or maybe two. Do you throw them a big, blowout neighborhood party, or is it smarter to keep their celebration small and simple? It's a smackdown! Which side are you on? -- Strollerderby The Duggars can't get enough of ...

Pacifying babies (whether they like it or not)

So here's kind of a goofy question: is it wrong to forcibly cram a binky in a baby's fuss-hole? See, Dylan is sometimes in this falling-asleep-but-not-completely-out-yet state, and the one surefire thing that will get him to stop squirming around ...

The giving tree -- for real

\This is truly one of the most beautiful things I've seen on the Internet in months. My friend Marla sent me notification about a real-life Giving Tree in Denmark -- a large tree in a public park in the beautiful city of Copenhagen. The tree wears hu...

Pacifiers: hindrance to breastfeeding?

I had purchased a few infant pacifiers prior to giving birth to Nolan. I didn't know much about them, other than that lots of parents had told me that they could bring sweet respite from an endlessly crying baby. My lactation nurse at the hospital...


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