pajamas in public 

British Schools Enact No-Pajama Policy - for Parents

11 schools in England have asked parents to respect a decency policy and leave the pjs at home. Credit: Corbis If you thought your mom's wardrobe choices were embarrassing, just be happy she didn't wear pajamas at your school. Appare...Really, Mom? You have to wear pajamas to my parent-teacher meeting?

School Bans Parents from Wearing PJs at Drop Off

Checking e-mail in your bathrobe is OK, just put on some clothes before you drop off the kids. Credit: Getty Images
It would seem that our friends across the pond are a bit uptight when it comes to pajamas. First, a supermarket told shoppers n...

British Chain Says Shoppers in PJs Not Allowed, Mom Protests

A British retail giant has decided that customers wearing PJs are not welcome. And that has one mom crying foul. Elaine Carmody, 24, is a mother of two young boys who frequently shopped at her local Tesco wearing pajamas. (They spell it "pyjamas...

Wearing pajamas to the mall is cute?

A few days ago, I was in the mall with Ellie. We sat on a bench, eating ice cream and watching shoppers go by. Schools were out for the day and there were lots of teenagers socializing in the mall. Watching these teens, I was struck by two things. Fi...


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