British Schools Enact No-Pajama Policy - for Parents

11 schools in England have asked parents to respect a decency policy and leave the pjs at home. Credit: Corbis If you thought your mom's wardrobe choices were embarrassing, just be happy she didn't wear pajamas at your school. Appare...Really, Mom? You have to wear pajamas to my parent-teacher meeting?

Company Kids Valentine Pajamas

Company Kids heart and love pajamas make great Valentine's Day gifts. Credit: Company Kids We know, we know, hearts and Valentine's Day go together like peanut butter and jelly. But there's a reason they pair so well, so why fight it? ...Snuggle up to Valentine's Day-themed pajamas.

PJ Party: 10 Perfect Pajamas for Kids

Hatley moose-print footies, GapKids rock pj set and Hanna Andersson's Santa zip-ups are cozy and fun. Credits:,,
There's something about seeing our kids wake up on Christmas morning in adorable, brand-new pjs ...
New winter jammies? Yes, please.

School Bans Parents from Wearing PJs at Drop Off

Checking e-mail in your bathrobe is OK, just put on some clothes before you drop off the kids. Credit: Getty Images
It would seem that our friends across the pond are a bit uptight when it comes to pajamas. First, a supermarket told shoppers n...

British Chain Says Shoppers in PJs Not Allowed, Mom Protests

A British retail giant has decided that customers wearing PJs are not welcome. And that has one mom crying foul. Elaine Carmody, 24, is a mother of two young boys who frequently shopped at her local Tesco wearing pajamas. (They spell it "pyjamas...

Christmas Eve pajama party!

Every year, the very first thing on my Christmas shopping list is the same - pajamas. It is kind of my little holiday tradition. I buy each family member (including myself) the most festive and/or goofy pajama set I can find. I wrap them, mark the pa...

Product Recall: Camouflage Pajama Sets

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission has announced the recall of about 28,000 children's camouflage pajama sets due to excessive levels of lead in the screen print on the shirt. The pajama sets were sold with long and short sleeved blue shirts...

Oh, those pesky pants!

Sometimes, you just have to shake your head in wonder and ask yourself where the time has gone. What happened to the innocent little boy I used to know who would stare in wonder at the three stars in a row on Orion's Belt and run down the hall, arms ...

Designer pajamas for kids?

Ellie is in to fashion. She has very distinct ideas about her 'look' and spends a lot of time putting outfits together. I don't even try to buy her clothes without her input anymore - what I pick out almost always ends up being returned. But there is...

Chinese clothing may be toxic

Lead has gotten a lot of press lately, especially with the recent recalls of a whole lotta Mattel toys. Lead, however, is not the only problem you may encounter with products made in China. A New Zealand investigative television show is set to reveal...

Working from home while dreaming of a cubicle

Lately I have fantasizing about beefing up my resume, trying to find hose without holes and drinking bad office coffee. Thoughts of attending staff meetings or enrolling in a job improvement retreat sound absolutely divine. These are activities that ...

Product Recall: Disney Baby Einstein footed pajamas

Disney Stores North America, of Pasadena, California, in cooperation with the Consumer Product Safety Commission, is voluntarily recalling their Baby Einstein Caterpillar Sleepwear and Baby Einstein Duck Sleepwear. The pajamas do not meet the flammab...

The next biggest trend: Pajamas?

Teens are finding out what middle-aged housewives have known for a long time: Pajamas are comfy. So comfortable, in fact, that they've become the next big fashion trend with kids wanting to wear them to school. For girls, the trend is the pink sweatp...

Christmas Retrospective: Which toys were hits in the Allen/Voynar Household

We here at Blogging Baby gave you guys a lot of ideas about what hot items you might want to place under your Christmas tree this year for your kids. But the $64,000 question is, what did your kids actually play with once all the wrapping paper had b...


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