Corporate America Doesn't Care About My Family or Yours

Is corporate America concerned about your safety? Credit: Spencer Platt, Getty Images
It's another David vs. Goliath showdown. In this case, though, David is concerned parents like you and me, and Goliath is corporate America and his government c...
Did you know that much of the information from safety complaints is not made public because of a federal law that requires a manufacturer's approval before it can be released?

Cynthia Rowley To Design Pampers Diapers

Cute booty. Credit: Procter & Gamble Co. / AP
CINCINNATI (AP) The Procter & Gamble Co. is aiming to make disposable diapers fashionable.
Popular designer Cynthia Rowley has designed 11 styles of Pampers, including pastels, stri...

We Tried It: Jeans Diapers

Denim Diapers? Huggies has to be kidding. As it tuns out, they are. Next week, Huggies will air a cheeky ad for its new limited edition jean diapers. The opening line? "My diaper is full -- full of chic." The rest of the a...

Feds Investigate Pampers Complaints

WASHINGTON (AP) - Government safety officials are looking into a handful of reports of severe rashes caused by new types of Pampers diapers. The Consumer Product Safety Commission started an investigation this week following complaints of babies...

Pampers Dry Max Causing Rashes and Burns, Parents Allege

Some parents say Pampers' Dry Max diapers are causing severe skin reactions. Credit: Proctor & Gamble / PRNewsFoto / Newscom
Pampers' much-hyped diaper redesign called Dry Max has parents from coast to coast furious as complaints continue to...

Summer Camp, Free Pampers, and Teacher Trouble - Links We Love

Diapers are expensive, which is why you should enter LilSugar's giveaway where you could win a full year's worth of Pampers. Pampers will also donate the cost of 50 tetanus vaccines to UNICEF. -- LilSugar Segregation in schools is on the rise, say...


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