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How to Prepare for Your Next Parent-Teacher Conference

Help make parent-teacher conference constructive. Credit: Getty Images We all think our child is the most charming, brilliant, adorable, insert your preferred adjective here. So it's not very ...We know you think your little angel is perfect, but if you try to see things from his teacher's perspective, it will make the oft-dreaded parent-teacher meetings much more constructive.

Should Teachers Grade Parents?

As a parent, what kind of grade would you earn? Credit: Corbis
Everyone thinks that parents should be involved in their child's education. But should teachers give parents grades?
This story isn't as wacky as Texas cops giving ticke...
Rep. Kelli Stargel (R-Lakeland) "is sponsoring a bill that would require teachers to give parents in Florida a grade for how involved they are with their child's education."

Tips for parents - What NOT to do

Since I posted a list of ways to make your child's teacher love you last week, I figured I'd follow up with a list of list of things I suggest you might avoid doing as a parent... if you want your child's teacher to like you.
Of course, thi...


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