Co-Sleeping Benefits for Baby and Parents

Co-sleeping can help the entire family rest easier. Credit: Getty
Co-sleeping -- when infants sleep in the same bed as one or more of their parents -- is gaining popularity in the United States. When done safely, it can be a great way to get y...

Sleep Sacks: Our Favorite Picks

This sleep sack from Gus & Max is luxuriously soft. Credit:
If you have to make nighttime diaper changes, you know how tricky they can be. You don't want to unnecessarily wake your baby, but sometimes you can't help it when ...

Toddler Beds: How to Make the Transition

If your child is too big for the crib, it's probably time to move to a big kid bed. Credit: Getty Images
A huge step for both toddlers and parents, transitioning from the crib to a toddler bed is an inevitable milestone. Since all children are...

Nursery Sets Shopping Guide

Nursery 101's nursery set makes shopping simple. Credit:
When you have a new baby in the home, your heart may be full, but your pocketbook is probably empty. Clothes, accessories, diapers, nursery furniture, crib bedding ... the shoppi...

Travel Crib Safety Tips

The Baby Bjorn Travel Crib is easy to set up. Credit:
Just because you have a baby on your hands doesn't mean traveling is no longer an option. However, you do need to be prepared for all the challenges the road -- and your youngster -...

Room for Baby: Sharing With Siblings

Now, this is the image you pray for when your toddler is sharing a room with your baby. Credit: Getty
Siblings sharing a bedroom is a fact of life when you live in a small space, but toddlers sharing a room with a baby sibling can present a speci...

American Baby Names: The Melting Pot

American baby names span the globe. Credit: Corbis
Mirroring the diversity of America's melting pot society, American baby names often reflect the makeup of our nation. But, like a carnival fun house, some of those reflections often distort the t...
Mirroring the diversity of America's melting pot society, American baby names often reflect the makeup of our nation. But, like a carnival fun house, some of those reflections often distort the true nature of the original image.

Baby Bags: Best Features

The Petunia Pickle Bottom Convertible Glazed Diaper Bag is stylish enough to carry after your baby outgrows diapers. Credit:
Shopping for baby bags can be overwhelming, with all sorts of diaper bags out there from which to choose. T...

Modern Baby Names for Boys

Is Jacob from "Twilight" the inspiration behind your baby boy's name? Credit: Peter Kramer, AP
Once a popular biblical name, the name Jacob has experienced a renaissance in recent years to become the most popular modern baby name for boys in the ...
Pop culture may be driving name trends, but many modern names have more traditional roots.

Bassinet Shopping Guide

Bassinets come in several varieties. Credit: Getty
Cozy little beds perfect for newborn babies, bassinets are portable cribs you can carry from room to room so your sleeping baby is always close by. If you're bassinet shopping, consider the ra...

Baby Boy Clothes: Homecoming Outfit

Bring a special baby boy homecoming outfit with you to the hospital. Credit: Getty
You've stuffed your hospital delivery bag with a robe, slippers and other comforts from home, but don't forget to include baby boy clothes when you pack. You'll...

Baby Layette Defined

The baby layette includes essential baby clothing items and linens. Credit: Getty
New mothers know they're going to need diapers. And bottles. Not to mention a car seat and stroller. But when a woman is expecting her first baby, there are several...

Personalized Piggy Banks

A sweet piggy bank will make a mom-to-be squeal with delight. Credit: Getty
Ca-ching! Who doesn't love the sound of coins clinking as they drop through a piggy bank slot? Cute, cool and memorable gifts, the only thing that can make a piggy bank g...

Baby Teething: Strategies to Help Your Baby Sleep

Teething pain is no fun, but there are things you can do to help. Credit: Getty
There's little that makes a mother cry "Poor baby" like a child who is teething. And, poor mama, too. Baby teething pains cause many sleepless nights for you, as w...

Popular Italian Baby Names and Variations

Choose an Italian baby name as lovely as Sophia Lauren. Credit: Robyn Beck, AFP/Getty Images
Ciao, Bella! And Sofia! You, too, Alessandro and Matteo! If you have an Italian heritage, or just like the sound of Italian names, there are many lovely,...


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