Maternity Clothes Must Haves

Tunics, such as this style from Old Navy, are maternity must-haves. Credit:
You're swollen. You're getting bigger by the day. And the last thing you want to do is try on clothes you're going to outgrow practically before you can even ...

Double Strollers: Best Jogging Strollers

Kelty's Speedster Deuce Stroller is a great mid-range double baby jogging stroller. Credit: Kelty
Carting around two little ones can lead to some serious double trouble. And without a good stroller? Can you say, nightmare? If you're investing ...

Newborn Baby Clothes: Must Haves

Could shopping for baby clothes be more fun? Credit: Getty
They're totally adorable. And sweet. And oh-so-snuggly. If you're a shopper, one of the best things about having a new baby is the chance to buy newborn baby clothes. But doing a little r...

Baby Blankets: Unexpected Uses

Baby blankets can be used for much more than snuggling. Credit: Getty
That Linus van Pelt was on to something. Every baby needs his or her own blanket (or two, or three), which makes it a good thing that baby blankets are among the most common gi...

Baby Girl Clothes: Our Favorite Retailers

Find cute and affordable baby girl clothes at Old Navy. Credit: Old Navy
Let's be honest: Sleepless nights, early morning feedings and changing dirty diapers aren't exactly the most fabulous parts of parenthood. But one task we can totally get ...

Baby Shower Diaper Cake: What's Inside?

Sesame Street's baby diaper cake makes a fun centerpiece. Credit:
Forget fancy candles, giant bouquets or decadent treats. Baby shower diaper cakes are today's go-to baby shower centerpieces. The coolest baby shower diaper cakes ar...

Unique Baby Shower Gifts: Personalized Jewelry

When in doubt, buy jewelry. Credit: Corbis
Shopping for a beautiful, unique baby shower gift and hoping to find something other than the usual stuff on the registry? Or maybe you're trying to track down a gift for a woman having her second baby, ...

Baby Diaper Cake: Alternative Centerpiece

Diaper Cakewalk offers themed diaper cake centerpieces. Credit:
Few baby shower gifts are as mundane -- or as needed -- as diapers. But with a little creative presentation, you can give the useful gift and help decorate the b...

Baby Shower Idea: Shower the Daddy

What do you serve at a baby shower for Dad? Chicken wings, of course. Credit: Corbis
Ever wonder why it's the moms who get all the baby shower fun? With more and more dads staying home with the kids, it's about time these pops get a party...

Baby Shower Diaper Cakes: Simple Craft

Bloomer's baby diaper cake is lovely. Here are tips on making your own. Credit:
Oh, baby, it's all about the cake. And this one? It's even calorie free. One of today's most popular baby shower decorations is a diaper cake, which, ...

Baby Gear Brands Reviews

Research to find your way through a sea of strollers. Credit: AFP / Getty Images
Expecting a new baby can bring about all kinds of feelings: nervousness, elation and, all too often, total confusion over what you need and which best baby gear ...

Baby Shower Centerpieces That Last

Spell "baby" in blocks for a centerpiece that will do double duty. Credit: Getty Images
Throwing a memorable baby shower by coordinating decorations with the shower's theme will likely make the mother-to-be happy. But also investing in a long-l...

Homemade Baby Food on a Budget

You can save money making your own baby food, but it will cost you some time. Credit: Getty Images
When a baby is old enough to start trying solid foods, many parents decide to make homemade baby food, rather than buy it in jars at the grocery ...

Transitioning From Bottle-Feeding to Sippy Cup

Is it time to get rid of the bottle? Credit: Getty
Whether you're breast-feeding or bottle-feeding your child, deciding when to transition to a sippy cup can be difficult. While the American Academy of Pediatrics encourages breast-feeding unt...

Baby Shower Food for Vegetarians

Crudite platters are lovey and yummy. Credit: Getty
Planning a baby shower that features vegetarian food might seem daunting if you're not used to coming up with meatless party menus. But vegetarian baby shower food can be quite easy to prepa...


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