Baby Shower Centerpieces: DIY Florals and More

A candy centerpiece is cute and literally sweet. Credit: Corbis
When you're decorating for a baby shower, centerpieces help set the mood. Floral centerpieces are beautiful, but can be expensive. As an alternative, why not make your own DIY baby...

Baby Food Storage Tips

What are we gonna do with these leftovers? Credit: Getty Images
Making baby food last can be difficult. Sometimes babies only want a bite or two, but the very next meal they're bottomless pits. Learning to go with the flow of what your baby is ...

DIY Baby Shower Ideas

Sundae bars are inexpensive, fun and delish! Credit: Getty Images
Say money is tight? We hear you. But we're also here to tell you: The best parties don't require the biggest budgets. Throw a fabulous baby shower with our affordable DIY baby sh...

Baby Shower Party for Siblings

Involve your older child with your baby shower plans. Credit: Getty Images
Clearly, the guest of honor at any baby shower party is the mother-to-be. But if the new baby will have siblings, it's important to include them in the festivities, too....

Baby Girl Shower Themes

Let Candy Land inspire your baby shower theme. Credit: Amazon
If you're planning a baby girl shower, it's time to think beyond the pink. Sure, the all-pink princess baby shower theme is popular, but modern mamas are picking baby shower themes t...

DIY Baby Shower Favors

Seed packets make useful and pretty DIY baby shower favors. Credit: Getty
It's almost time for the new bundle to arrive, but first, it's time to mark the occasion with an amazing baby shower. But before you invest lots of loot in over-priced, p...

Best Baby Nursery Toys

Baby will giggle at his reflection in the Lamaze First Mirror. Credit: Amazon
Plush toys. Wooden toys. Retro toys. Modern toys. With so many baby nursery toys on the market, choosing the best playthings can be confusing. But whether you're shop...

Bottle Feeding Baby on the Go

Plan ahead to feed your baby on the road. Credit: Getty
Taking a baby on the road can be a chore, especially when you have to remember to bring breakfast, lunch and dinner. But before you assume there's no easy way to transport bottles as you ...

Baby Shower Decorating: Tips for the Celebration

A baby shower with a tea party theme lends itself to elegant decorations. Credit: Getty
You've chosen invitations, planned the menu and picked out a few fun games to play. Now it's time to embark on another important part of the celebration ...

Baby Boy: Crib Bedding for Your Little Cowboy

Designing your baby's nursery? Cowboy up! Credit: Getty
Decorating a new baby's nursery can be an exciting time, especially if you have a unique look in mind. Cowboy themes are not only very popular for baby boy crib bedding right now, but t...

Hindu Baby Names: Best Online Resources

Hindu baby names are often inspired by gods and goddesses. Credit: Sam Panthaky, AFP/Getty Images
Selecting a name for a child is one of the most important choices a Hindu parent will make, as Hindus believe baby names help ensure the child wil...

Spanish Baby Names for Boys

The name Cruz is gaining in popularity thanks, in part, to Cruz Beckham. Credit: Merino Lins Sasha Fab/X17online
Spanish is a Romance language, so it's only natural that Spanish baby names sound beautiful and melodic to American ears. Names inc...

Greek Baby Names for Boys

Look to Greece and Greek history when choosing baby names for boys. Credit: Corbis
When it comes to choosing a name for a newborn son, many parents consider monikers that are strong and classic. And, among the most popular and timeless boys' na...

Sikh Baby Names: Best Online Resources

A Sikh baby name can honor family traditions. Credit: Corbis
Picking the right baby name is never easy, but with the right resources, Sikh parents can find a name that honors their religious and cultural traditions. Sikh baby names are uncom...

Find Funky Baby Clothes on a Budget

American Eagle's 77Kids line is awesome. Credit:
You're a cool daddy or hip mama and you want your baby to sport your same funky fashion sense. But there's one problem: Funky baby clothes often don't come cheap. Fortunately, there are...


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