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Kids Can Browse Porn in App Store Thanks to Tech Glitch

A flaw in parental control software is allowing kids to search for and view pornographic materials in Apple's App Store. The new operating system for Apple's wildly popular iPhones provides parents with beefed-up controls over what apps their ch...

PlaySavvy Helps Moms Learn About Video Games

Hate to say it folks (and I know I'm about to get hit), but fathers sometimes do know best about video games. There's a fair share of dads who know their way around a wireless controller. But how many moms do you know who actually play video games fo...

Top 50 websites for kids

Ellie loves to go online to websites where she can play games, be a fashion designer or maybe print out pages to color or paint. For the past year, we've pretty much stuck to the same few sites that we visit again and again. When she asks me where el...

Super V-chip to screen adult content on all your media devices

It can be hard to control what kids are exposed to. Even if you're always in the room while they're watching TV, who knows what you'll stumble upon just flipping through channels -- or what about keeping track of the content they're viewing online, o...

Who should control what your kids see on television?

There is currently a battle going regarding who should determine what your kids see on television. Should the government have more control over what gets on network television? Or do parents have the tools and information they need to protect their c...


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