parenting alone 

Solo Parenting: Taking the Kids Out to Eat

There's a funny paradox about parenting solo. When my husband goes out in public, minus me and accompanied by all four of our children, he is lauded, praised, and admired. "What a great dad you are!" "All on your own with four kids! Amazing!" "Mom...

Portrait of a working mom: The pick-up

As I may have mentioned before, my husband works a crazy, three-week shift rotation as an editor at a digital cable station. Out of every 21 days, he spends 7 nights in a row behind a desk, leaving me to single parent after I've worked a full day. (H...

Reunion (with kids): it's not quite the same

My husband returned home tonight after two weeks of Army Reserve duty. And although it wasn't the first time he'd left me alone with my children, it was the first time since I had one baby on the outside and a full-time, all-the-time, work-from-home ...


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