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Could a Jon Gosselin Book Make You a Better Father?

Would you take parenting advice from this guy? Credit: X17online
Jon Gosselin may write a book sharing his -- wait for it, wait for it -- parenting skills. Take a few minutes. Done laughing? OK, here's the deal: MSNBC reports Gosselin want...

New Book Says That Fatherhood Can Be A 'Misery' For Dads

Move over "Bad Mother." Make room for "Bad Father." According London's "Daily Mail," men are finally speaking up about the sadness they feel when they have kids.
Day Out with Daddy: Celebrity Dads and Kids Matthew McConaughey ...

Mom Shoplifts Parenting Book - With Kids in Tow

You would probably assume that a mom who reads parenting books is serious about raising her kids well. That would generally be correct, but not in this case. Callie Rough, 37, did indeed show an interest in a parenting "how-to" called 101 Ways to Be ...


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