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When You Say 'Thank You,' Mean It: Q&A with Author Mary O'Donohue

Credit: Adams Media
When Mary O'Donohue's son, Connor, was 5 years old, a friend of hers gave him a blue shirt as a gift. The boy was underwhelmed.
Sensing his lack of enthusiasm, O'Donohue prompted him with the old parental standby...
An epiphany moment with her 5 year old son led Mary O'Donohue to create exercises for her children that would be fun, but would also teach them to feel gratitude.

When Children Die: Book Offers Guide Through Parents' Emotional Hell

Parents have no choice but to go on after losing a child. Credit:
When a child dies, many parents, no doubt, want to die, too.
That's not an option, of course -- especially when there are surviving children who still need...
Grieving parents do not so much "recover" as "regenerate," says the author.

Find an Inner Gutsy Girl Through the Trenches of Single Parenting and Job Loss

"The Courage Companion" encourages you to embrace life, no matter how scary it may be. Credit: Viva Editions
You know that expression, "life happens?" One minute, I was headed down this fulfilling path: A 40-something mom of three really awesome ...
Today is National Face Your Fears Day, and this new book can help get you on the right path.

Tracy Moore: Host of CityLine on Sleep Deprivation and Kicking Parenting Books to the Curb

According to Tracy Moore, a strong work ethic runs in her family. Quite obviously, it's something she inherited. As if the challenges of parenting a newborn weren't enough, Tracy Moore took on the high-profile job as host of daily chat show CityLine...

New Book Says That Fatherhood Can Be A 'Misery' For Dads

Move over "Bad Mother." Make room for "Bad Father." According London's "Daily Mail," men are finally speaking up about the sadness they feel when they have kids.
Day Out with Daddy: Celebrity Dads and Kids Matthew McConaughey ...

Alex McCord - 8 Questions for a Real Housewife of New York

"Real Housewives of New York" star Alex McCord and hubby Simon van Kempen are penning a new parenting book, "The Urban Parent: Tales From a Real House in New York City," expected to hit the shelves by the end of 2009. Despite those that say the aspir...

Who really reads/needs parenting books?

Do you read parenting books? For real, as in from cover to cover? Did you get anything at all out of the book? Was it overall a great buy with an excellent philosophy, or was there at least one nugget of sage advice that has helped you shape your pa...

Surprise dad with a book this Father's Day

Need a Father's Day gift for the dad in your life? Look no farther than the bookstore. Novels are a great choice for dads who enjoy them, but even if Dad isn't a bookworm, he might enjoy reading about his favorite sport or activity. Don't leave out t...

You're a good mom (and your kids aren't so bad either)

After I finished forwarding this video to every mom I know, I decided it was worth sharing with you. It's a trailer for a new book titled You're a Good Mom (and your kids aren't so bad either). Written by Jen Singer, the book shares the secrets for ...

The Gay Uncle's Guide to Parenting

We parents can sometimes be a little sensitive about taking parenting advice from non-breeders. What do they know, after all? They haven't had to deal with insanity-inducing amounts of sleep deprivation, the irrationality of nap protests, or the cons...


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