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Raising Thankful Kids

We live in a highly consumer-driven culture here in the good old U. S. of A. If you don't believe me, spend a few hours watching TV with your kids. You'll see commercials for every kind of toy under the sun. Kids are drowning in messages that tell...

No is not a dirty word

It is so much easier to say "yes" -- or is it? Part of being a good parent is setting limits and doling out the discipline, but so often we find ourselves giving permission even when we shouldn't. At least, I do. With a high-energy (and whip-smart...

Is the well-read child more even-tempered?

We've been taught for ages now the importance of reading to our children. From the earliest age, and even in the womb (your child can hear as soon as her ears form, even if she can't see the pictures from in the womb), parents are being instructed t...

Gyllenhaal puts parenting skills to work

There's a lot to appreciate Maggie Gyllenhaal for--she's a great actor who tackles thoughtful roles. Perhaps the producers of her new movie appreciate her even more now that she's a mom. Gyllenhaal recently used her parenting skills on the set o...

When celebrity parents hawk their children

You know whose kids we haven't been bombarded with pictures of? Whose kids we haven't seen their celebrity parents walking to school or hitting a playland in France or attending soccer games with other celebrity parents and their celebrity kids in...

Parents have the same skills as successful CEOs

On Friday I attended The Motherlode, a conference on women's issues pertaining specifically to mothers, hosted by the Association of Research on Mothering. Though all the speakers were fabulous, the engaging and humorous Ann Crittenden, author of The...

Everett's better: moderating the 'spirited child'

As he nears four years of age, Everett, my son who long has seemed a poster boy for the moniker 'spirited child,' is actually becoming less "intense, sensitive, perceptive, persistent, energetic" and more... moderated. More manageable. He's...


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