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Parents' Attitude Affects Kids' Diabetes

Credit: Getty Images
Kids with diabetes need to regulate their diets, monitor their blood-sugar levels and take the appropriate amount of insulin.
They also need parents with the right attitude. Researchers at the Schneider Child...
Right attitude can help kids control their diabetes.

Agreeing to Disagree: Can Moms With Wildly Different Parenting Styles Manage to Stay Best Friends?

Pam Jenoff relies on her best friend for support. Courtesy Pam Jenoff
By Pam Jenoff
As the mother of three kids under the age of 3, I consider my best friend, Joanne, one of the great saving graces. The mother of almost 4-year ol...
Dispite their different styles of parenting, they depend on each other for support.

Stop Capital Punishment: Say No to Official Parenting Philosophies

Recently, feminist Erica Jong wrote a piece in the Wall Street Journal on today's popular parenting methods and how she feels they imprison mothers. She believes philosophies like Attachment Parenting or Green Parenting have "encouraged female vict...Why are we judging other moms on their parenting philosophies?

The Joys of the Neighbourhood Playgroup

It's 9:30 on a Wednesday morning, and the older children have made their way to school. The smell of fresh-brewed coffee wafts through our house. A loaf of banana bread, baked and frozen last week, has been thawed and sliced, and sits on a plate besi...

Tough Love for Parents and Kids

Tough love is an expression used to describe a parenting technique that combines toughness and warmth to raise children. The principles of tough love hold that children, especially teenagers, should take responsibility for their actions. Tough lov...

How To Get Kids To Cooperate

This is an excerpt from Susan Stiffelman's new book, Parenting Without Power Struggles. Newsflash: Kids don't like to be bossed around! In her infinite wisdom, Mother Nature has designed children to resist being told what to do outside of ...

Parenting Styles: Which One is Right for You?

There are three main parenting styles that most psychologists recommend. Authoritative parents who treat their children like mature adults. These parents give their kids choices and believe in letting them see the results of their decisions as a p...

Attachment Parenting: A Brief Overview

Attachment parenting is a parenting style developed by William Sears, M.D., a pediatrician and father of eight who believes that children form a strong emotional bond with parents or caregivers during childhood with lifelong consequences. Attachm...

Permissive Parenting: Too Lenient?

Permissive parenting, also called indulgent, lenient or non-directive parenting, is a parenting style in which parents have few controls over or demands on their children. In these families, parents are very involved in their children's lives, bu...

Authoritative Parenting Creates Warmth

Authoritative parenting is a style of child rearing that strives to create a close and nurturing relationship with children, while maintaining a firm set of rules and high expectations. Authoritative parents are high in control but also high in warmt...

Bullying could be caused by parenting style

A University of Cincinnati research student recent reviewed studies on bullying from several different countries. What she found (and what she reported to the American Sociological Association) is that certain parenting styles may predict bullying be...

Do parenting styles change after divorce?

When a married couple with children makes the painful decision to get a divorce, the first thought most people have is, "How will this affect my children?" Seeing their parents divorcing can be a very stressful time for many children. I think we all ...

Fifty-fifty parenting?

We got an inquiry from a reader about an interesting parenting philosophy. Her friend with a ten-month-old came to visit her and her three- and one-year-olds. Her kids were playing in their sandbox and she went to put the ten-month-old in as well, as...

Parenting styles and overweight status in first grade

An article in the June issue of Pediatrics examined the relationship between the four parenting styles (authoritative, authoritarian, permissive, and neglectful) and overweight status in first grade. Data from the National Institute of Child Health a...


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