Choking toddler saved by babysitter's parrot

When two-year-old Hannah started choking on her snack, no one was around to help. No one human, anyway. Hannah's babysitter was in the bathroom, completely unaware, but someone did see that Hannah needed help - the babysitter's pet parrot. The bir...

Parrot saves family by imitating smoke alarm

Birds are getting a lot of good press this week. First, you have Snowball, the dancing Cockatoo (if you haven't seen this video, you really should take a look). Then you have Peanut, the hero Parrot. Like most parrots, Peanut likes to imitate sounds....

Parrot teaches boy to talk

Four-year-old Dylan Hargreaves is autistic and had previously uttered nary a single word. "Dylan would try to speak, but the sound came out as a noise," said his mother Michelle. Then the family got a new member -- a parrot named Barney. "A few month...


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