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And you thought your last cake was a mess. Credit:
When our firstborn turned one, I decided to do a farm-themed party in honor of his love of animals and tractors, complete with a homemade barn cake. This was the first ...

Great Birthday Parties for Next to Nothing

When it comes to birthday parties, moms are finding that a little creativity goes a long way toward cutting costs and making great memories for their children. Take Anne Beller, a Dallas mother of four, for example. She actually turned a profit on h...

Birthday Parties - Do You Really Have to Invite the Whole Class?

Standing in the hallway at school last month, a mom turned to me and said, "We got your birthday invitation in the mail. We'll be there." I saw a mom nearby, a mom with whom I've been friendly for two years, raise her eyebrows. Her son had just ha...

Tea Parties Are an Inexpensive Birthday Hit

When my daughter told me she wanted to have her birthday party at the roller skating rink, I thought, "Sure! That sounds easy." Then I called the rink and had to ask them to repeat their fee twice, because I was pretty sure I heard wrong. I hadn'...

Tips for a no-stress birthday party

My daughter announced recently that she wants her next birthday party to be held at the beach. Great idea, I think, except that she was born in the middle of winter. Still, wouldn't that be an easy birthday party? Except for the sand in the cake, of ...


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