Interview: Son of Peanuts Creator Charles M. Schulz

The three lovable characters from "Happiness is a Warm Blanket, Charlie Brown." Credit: AFP/Getty Images If you're like us, some of your fondest memories revolve around watching the Charlie Brown television specials. Now, you can intro...We spoke with Charles M. Schulz's son Craig, who runs the family business with Schulz's widow, Jeannie.

Firefly Peanuts Light-Up Toothbrush

This toothbrush lights up, so kids know how long to brush. Credit: FireFly
Dinner? Check. Bath? Check. PJs on? Check. Teeth brushed?
Now, that can take some effort. So, why not make the task a little easier by making brushing fun? ...
FireFly's flashing toothbrush makes brushing teeth fun.

Rocawear Peanuts T-Shirts

Charlie Brown never looked cooler than on these Rocawear T-shirts. Credit: Rocawear In what sounds like a pretty unlikely pairing, Rocawear has come out with a line of men's T-shirts that pair pop icon Charlie Brown and the Peanuts gan...Charlie Brown and the Peanuts gang get a hip-hop update with Rocawear T-shirts.

New Treatment Testing Offers Hope for Children with Peanut Allergies

New research could lead to a treatment for peanut allergies. Credit: Getty Images
The days of bringing your own cupcakes to birthday parties, avoiding Chinese takeout and scouring food packaging labels like an archaeologist studying the Rosetta ...

Who Looks Like Charlie Brown?

Good grief, Charlie Brown! In celebration of the 60th anniversary of the beloved comic strip, Peanuts is holding a Photo Look-A-Like Contest. Celebrity judges, including Jill Schulz, daughter of the Peanuts creator Charles M. Schulz, whittled...

Jill Schulz, Daughter of Late 'Peanuts' Creator Charles Schulz Says No One Will Ever Continue Strip

Jill Schulz, daughter of "Peanuts" creator Charles M. Schulz. Credit: Lucia Engel
Jill Schulz, daughter of "Peanuts" creator Charles M. Schulz, is a busy woman. She helps manage the massive "Peanuts" empire, especially Woodstock Ice Produ...

Are Parents Embroiled in a Peanut Panic?

A deadly allergy that could cause death or at the very least severe health issues is nothing to laugh at -- unless you send your child to school with an Epi pen just in case he might spontaneously develop a sensitivity to peanuts. That's what Lau...

New Research Offers Hope for Peanut Allergies

Studies suggest that it may be possible to cure peanut allergies -- but parents should not try this at home. Having a child who is allergic to peanuts has got to be difficult. It's hard enough making sure kids don't eat rocks and sand, small toys ...

Peanut Butter Recall Hurts Sales

Peanut Butter is more than just your child's lunch/allergy. It's big business. With the recent recall of tainted PB, big name brands like Jif and Peter Pan have seen a drop in sales of at least 20 percent, according to a report by CNN, while the g...

Charlotte Church Using Old Wives Tales to Induce Labor

Remember Charlotte Church? I don't really, either, but I think she has one of those fabulous voices and is a large sensation in the UK. Well, Charlotte is ready to give birth to her second child and can't seem to get that baby here fast enough. Th...

Nine-Year-Old Publishes Advice Book

Well, this is certainly a first. Publishers Weekly is reporting that nine-year-old Alec Greven is publishing a book. The fourth grader from Castle Rock, Colorado, wrote the book "How to Talk to Girls" at the tender age of eight, and it has been sn...

The voice of Snoopy dies

Many of you will be saddened to hear this, or at least slightly nostalgic. Bill Melendez, who voiced the Peanuts character Snoopy, has died. Melendez, who was also in charge of most of the animation, was ninety-one! He is survived by his wife of si...

Do peanuts cause asthma?

According to new research, they just might. A recent study suggests that pregnant mothers who eat nuts may impact their child's health later on. Women who consume nuts or "nut-products" like the beloved peanutbutter may increase the risk of asthma i...

Assault with a deadly peanut

Sure, you could argue that it's all just fun and games, but sometimes someone can end up getting seriously hurt. Someone almost did get very seriously hurt in Lexington, Kentucky. An eighth-grade student at Morton Middle School thought it would be fu...

Students scared to attend school due to allergies

In Vaughan, Ontario, just north of Toronto, six kids are scared of going to school. It's not drugs or violence or even P.E. that has them worried. It's eggs. Eggs, peanuts, and other such deadly toxins. Yes, these can indeed be deadly to kids who are...


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