pediatric cancer 

Parents of Dying Children Consider Euthanasia, Study Shows

There may be no greater pain than watching your child struggle with an agonizing, terminal illness. And that's why some parents of dying children may consider asking their doctors to hasten the end of their child's life. According to Time magazi...

Cancer Patients Take Flight to 'North Pole'

Maria Jannotti watches her daughter Carla Jannotti pet Pete the Penguin at the North Pole tucked away at an Orlando International Airport maintenance hangar. Credit: Stephen Hudak, Orlando Sentinel / MCT
Kids whose lives have been consumed with ...

'Notes Left Behind' Dad Says It's All About The Smaller Moments

Keith and Brooke Desserich wrote "Notes Left Behind" to their daughter Gracie, front left, about the last days of the life of her sister Elena, front right. Credit: Harper Collins
When Keith and Brooke Desserich learned their daughter Elena had...

Five Year Old Cancer Patient Leaves Hundreds of Notes for Her Family

When five-year-old Elena Desserich was diagnosed with inoperable brain cancer, she set out to help her family deal with her death in a truly remarkable way. The kindergartener started writing -- she created "The Kindergarten Survival Guide" for young...

Boy's Rare Illness Leads to Challenges, Hope

Kris had always dreamed of having a large family and by the time she was 30, she was living that dream. She and her husband Kurt were parents to four children – Avery, Aidan, Jonah, and Ethan – all under the age of six. But life was not p...

Cindy Crawford helps kids with cancer

Becoming rich and famous has done more for Cindy Crawford than allow her to live in a fancy house and buy great shoes. Her high profile has given her the opportunity to give back to a hospital with a special place in her heart. The University of Wisc...


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