Rolling and sleeping on the stomach

My son has a new hobby. Well, actually, it's not that new--he's been doing it for nearly a month now. My son is rolling. It's his favorite thing to do. It keeps me on my toes whenever I have to change him--in fact, I can barely keep him still long ...

Experts want more bluntness in discussing childhood obesity

A new set of recommendations for pediatricians and medical professionals who work with children suggest it's time to stop sugar-coating childhood weight problems and start using the clinical terms like "overweight" and "obese". Historically the gover...

Pediatrician denies care because of parent's tattoos

If your kid has ever had an ear infection, you know how much pain it can cause a child. Tasha Childress knows. Her daughter had one, so Childress took her to see a pediatrician. That doctor, however, refused to treat the girl because Childress has ta...

A pediatrician question

It seems as if all I ever do since I've had kids is be sick or take care of someone else who is sick. Since my son has passed me his most recent disease (I just love saying "diseased!") I started thinking about my pediatrician's office. There's been ...

Eczema sucks

My four year old has suffered from eczema for quite some time. What's Eczema? In a nutshell, its an irritation of the skin. In Archer's case, it itches and she ends up scratching it so much that it bleeds. It's pretty friggin horrible. We've dealt wi...

Pediatricians urged to monitor activity level of kids

From  In a new policy statement, the American Academy of Pediatrics states "boosting daily physical activity from infancy through the teen years is a key to fighting fat, and parents need to set good examples by also adopting act...

Pediatricians: do you try to match Dr's gender with child's?

My regular pediatrician is an effusive, no-nonsense single woman. She doesn't have kids but she's fabulous with them. I adore her and have rarely quibbled with her advice. But she's off Fridays and, when I took Everett in with a possible ear infecti...

Shots at the doctor: my poor child

Today "Bunny," my three-year-old, had to go to the doctor for a preschool check up. She loves going to the doctor. Why? Because she's the star of the show there, that's why. All eyes are on her. She gets a kick out of telling the doctor wha...


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