Sick Kids in Rural Areas Can't Find a Dose of Doctor Care

If you live in a rural area, it may be hard to find a doctor for your child, a new study shows. Credit: Getty When a kid gets a nasty cough, fever or is up screaming all night with an earache, most parents can race the sick child over ...Nearly 1 million kids live in rural areas where there are no doctors, a new study finds.

15 Old Wives' Tales Doctors Believe

Doctors say that tales are false. Credit: Getty Images
How many pediatricians believe old wives' tales? When asked if 15 old wives' tales were true or false, only 17 percent of the board-certified pediatricians surveyed said all of them wer...

Parents push vaccine-autism link to courts

A possible link between a vaccine additive and autism is in the news again. The courts will participate in three cases, the second of which was last Monday, to determine whether parents should be awarded millions of dollars to over 4,800 parents of...

When mom's sick, do you ever ask your pediatrician to treat you, too?

I have this uncomfortable fear that I've contracted my three-year-old's ear infection. He's all better now after a full course of antibiotics. Me, though? Mis. er. able. Tomorrow is Truman's nine-month checkup, so I'm fully intending to have the ped...


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