Taking aim, teaching a boy to pee

A couple of months ago I wrote a post about boys who cannot pee straight. At the time my toddler, Devon, was exploring the world of urinating outside of his diaper. Since that time he has embraced the whole potty training concept with fervor. I would...

Is your son a straight shooter?

I have long suspected my youngest son, just barely 2 years-old, to have a small issue when urinating. But it wasn't until this summer when he started to frequently run around in the buff and enjoy the wonders of peeing in the great outdoors that my s...

The beginning stages of potty training

The time span of age between my older two children is four years, while the age span between the older ones and my toddler is 11 years and 7 1/2 years. During the years when the older two were growing and developing I found that I slipped quite comfo...


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