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Young Computer Hackers May Have Fallen in With the Wrong Crowd

Basically, a computer hacker is going to have friends who are computer hackers. Credit: Corbis
Danny was a good kid. He wore a black leather jacket, carried chains and dreamed of one day joining a biker gang.
Then he fell in with th...
Basically, a computer hacker is going to have friends who are computer hackers.

Opinion: Kids Feeling Peer Pressure? Sorry, Your One-Liners Aren't Going to Help

Forget being individuals. Kids just want to belong. Illustration by Dori Hartley One of the perks of being responsible and caring parents is that we are granted unlimited access to a wealth of phrases I like to call "The Parental Bag o...Kids don’t want to be special amongst their peers; they want to belong. So, maybe it's time to change up your advice.

Teen's Friends Aren't Motivated, and Now Her Grades are Dropping!

Dear AdviceMama, My daughter is 13 and is a really sweet girl. Her grades have been slipping after hanging out with some girls who are not necessarily bad, but are popular and when it comes to grades not very driven. I have spoken to my daughter...

When Parents Give In To Peer Pressure

How far will you go to help your child fit in? Image:
There are some things my husband and I disagree about when it comes to our 8-year-old. These are mostly little things like whether iced tea is bad for her and how important it is to rin...

Best way to quit smoking? Have a friend do it first

Kids are warned not to give in to peer pressure, but peer pressure can also be a very GOOD thing! A team of researchers found evidence that although kids who hang out with smokers are more likely to become smokers themselves, if someone stops smoki...

Middle school fashion bullies

When I was in school, there were very few designer labels available for kids. We had Izod and Gloria Vanderbilt, but very few kids were wearing them. Generally, if your clothes were clean and well-matched, it was all good. These days, however, things...

Girls as young as 7 suffering from anorexia

Although it is not the norm, there have been a number of instances where girls as young as seven years-old suffer from anorexia. One such hospital that treats children with the disorder is Great Ormond Street, the famous children's hospital in centra...

When is the right time for a training bra?

Last night my nine year-old daughter, Cassidy, pulled me aside and asked me one of the questions I have been hoping she would not ask me for a number of years. She lured me into the bathroom, peered around the corner to make sure neither of her broth...

Home drug testing kits sent home at school open house

Parents who have children at Winnisquam Regional Middle School in Tilton, New Hampshire will have the opportunity to pick up more than just class schedules at the school's upcoming open house night. Home drug testing kits will be available to any and...


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