Dakota Fanning Goes Lolita in New Perfume Ad

Fragrance for women, brought to you by a teenage girl. Credit: Marc Jacobs Since the dawn of time, girls have been out to prove that they're all grown up. Some wear provocative clothing, some toss around curse words and smoke cigarette...Is it cool for a teen to seductively shill for a women's perfume?

The Ten Best Stocking Stuffers

Buying presents for some people can be a very difficult task, especially when you buy presents for them year after year. When you add the concept of then having to get stocking stuffers on top of that the whole holiday season can seem daunting bey...

Perfume for babies?

So this is a little odd. Perhaps I feel that way because it never occurred to me, but have you heard of--or tried--perfume for babies? Not only are there adult perfumes that make us smell like a baby--Demeter fragrance is one of many who carry suc...

Learning about perfume

As far as I know, we have no perfume in our house. It's not something either Rachel or I use. I actually find it rather unpleasant. (Although, if I thought that that Axe stuff really had the effect portrayed in the commercials, I might be tempted to ...

Sarah Jessica Parker likes the smell of her son

Sarah Jessica Parker no doubt has a vanity loaded with expensive perfumes, including her own Lovely . And she may be a glamorous celebrity, but if you ask her what her favorite scent is these days, she sounds just like a mom. "Not to sound treacly, b...

Disney's new fragrance...for preteen boys

If you asked me to name the demographic least likely to be interested in wearing a fragrance, I'd say preteen boys -- hands down -- as, chances are, a 10-year-old could care less how he smells. But not so -- at least, not according to Disney. Deidre...

The Becks and the Posh to release scents

One of England's most beautiful and publicized couples will soon be branching out into the smelly business of perfume. David Beckham and his uber thin, uber glamorous wife Victoria will release a his and hers set of perfumes next month. The scents, c...


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