Pesticides on Playing Fields

Chemical lawn treatments can linger for many days before the weather and sun begin to dilute their potency. Credit: Corbis
By Deirdre Imus
For millions of kids, the warmer weather means only one thing...the start of spring and summe...
As kids hit the fields the summer, make sure they're safe from pesticides!

Pesticides Could Affect Babies' IQs Later On, Study Shows

Watch a video on testing IQ in children!
Mom's exposure to pesticides can lower babies' IQ. Credit: Getty Images
Pesticides may kill brain cells as well as bugs.
The Los Angeles Times reports researchers in three separate studies ...
Study links pesticdes to IQ, but data largely in the eye of the beholder.

Backyard safety tips

I envy those of you with a backyard. Really, I do. Some of you have cookouts, some of you have pools. Some of you engage in a random game of horse shoe or lawn bowling. For those of you with kids, though, have you thought about just how safe your b...

Addiction of the Week: Del Monte Real Fruit frozen bars

Dear Del Monte, Though I generally view you as an evil multinational corporation, who would rather dye its cherries with potentially carcinogenic red dye than sacrifice sales of fruit cocktail, I have to admit that we're a little bit addicted to your...

Children conceived in summer do worse in school

A recent study found that kids conceived in the summer perform poorly on academic tests -- which seems like something you'd read in an astrology handbook. But put those horoscopes away, this has nothing to do with the alignment of the stars. In fact,...


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