PETA Tells Nevada School to Dump Donkey Basketball

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals is not happy about a Nevada school fundraiser in which a game of basketball includes players riding on donkeys. PETA has issued an "action alert" on its Web site, asking concerned humans to contact Lyo...

Head of School that Slaughtered Lamb Resigns

The head of the British school that caused a ruckus last fall for slaughtering the school's pet lamb has resigned for personal reasons. According to BBC News, Andrea Charman will step down as head of Lydd Primary School in Kent, England. Lydd Pr...

Teen changes her name to protest animal dissection

It seems that expressing your views via signs, protests and letters to the editor has become passé. These days, it is all about using your name (or the name of your newborn child) to get your point across. Like this teen who decided that her g...

PETA urges Ben & Jerry's to use breastmilk

(Click the photo for more Absurd PETA Antics) Last week, Roger wrote about a Swiss restaurant that plans to use human breastmilk in 75% of it's recipes in place of cow's milk. PETA, for one, thinks the idea is a great one. They recently wrote a let...

Teaching non-violence through bugs

In Ellie's classroom, students are each assigned special tasks each week. One week Ellie might be responsible for helping clean the classroom, another week she might be Line Leader. The pinnacle of classroom jobs is the teacher assistant position, wh...

PETA goes after the Olsen twins

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, the twins who got their start on television's Full House and are now mini-tycoons, are the recent target of animal rights group PETA. Seems MK and Ash use fur in their clothing line and have been seen wearing furs aroun...

Toddler's pet bunny stolen in circus protest

The preschool at the Community Building Children's Center in Spokane, Washington, kept a pet rabbit named Sugar Bunny. However, instead of feeding or playing with the classroom pet, yesterday the children and teachers held a memorial service in memor...

Sexy mom, Pamela Anderson, is sweet on King Kong

Blond babe, Pamela Anderson, is an enthusiastic member of PETA. Her devotion to the ethical treatment of animals often makes headlines. Anderson's newest crusade for fair treatment involves the use of primates in advertising. She claims she will not ...


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