Philly Parents Patrol Corner Stores to Stop Students From Eating Junk Food

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Hey, kids! Be careful what you eat in Philly! Credit: Getty Images The streets of north Philadelphia are no longer safe for kids sipping sugary soft drinks and shoveling bags of potato chips and ch...
Put down that soda! Drop the chips! Parents patrol food shops to keep kids from eating junk.

Philadelphia: Boy Scouts Should Pay for Excluding Gays

A federal trial is getting under way that could settle a long-running dispute between local Boy Scouts and the city of Philadelphia. Credit: Matt Rourke, AP
PHILADELPHIA (AP) - A Boy Scouts chapter in Philadelphia may have ousted just one gay sco...

Microsoft's Philly High School Traveled Rocky Road

Students use laptop computers in the classroom at the "School of the Future" in Philadelphia. Credit: Matt Rourke, AP
PHILADELPHIA (AP) - When the Microsoft-designed School of the Future opened, the facility was a paragon of contemporary architec...

Philly Charter School Questioned on Club, Spending

PHILADELPHIA (AP) - Charter school by day, social club by night. Authorities say that's what it was like at a building housing the Harambee (ha-RAHM'-bay) Institute of Science and Technology Charter School in Philadelphia. When school wasn't ...

PD*poll: Transgendered third grader sparks controversy

You're cleaning out your child's back pack. Book order? Check. Field trip form? Check. Homework? Check. Notice that a male classmate will now be living as a girl, and counselors will be discussing the issue with your child tomorrow at school? Check. ...

Philly experiment helps kids learn good nutrition

Five Philadelphia elementary schools recently underwent an a nutritional makeover as part of an experiment. They eliminated vending machine choices like soda and candy (since when do elementary schools have vending machines anyway?). They limited sna...

Boy scouts get the bill for discrimination

Remember the Cradle of Liberty Council of Boy Scouts in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania? The third largest group of scouts in the country, they have enjoyed the use of city-owned property as their headquarters for nearly 80 years. That, however, was befor...

Students stick it to "the man," keep feeding homeless

As a parent, I'm always hoping that I'm setting an example so that my children will be compassionate towards others. I've been known from time to time to go into a store or restaurant to buy food for a homeless person on the street and I hope my kids...


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