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Celebrity Adoptive Parents

November is National Adoption Month and ParentDish is giving a shout-out to all parents who've opened their hearts and homes to adopted children. Check out the famous folks who share the love as well.

Coolest Travel Gear For Kids

Holiday travel is hard enough, but traveling for the holidays with your kids in tow is enough to make the most patient parent want to run away from home. Here's a rundown of ten great pieces of travel gear to help you keep your cool, whether you'...

Presidential Parenting: Which Commander-in-Chief is Like Your Head-of-Household?

Sasha and Malia Obama are the first preteens to live in the White House since Amy Carter, but they're just the latest in a long line of kids who have called 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. home. With the holidays around the corner, we took a look at White...

Halloween Safety Tips Every Parent Should Know

Trick-or-treating shouldn't be frightening for parents. With some common sense and an eye toward safety, it'll be a fun evening for all.

Cookie Dough

Each week our friends at Cookie magazine bring us the best of what's hot and cool for kids and parents. This week, on-the-go nap kits, a cozy fall sweater, and a backpack that gives back.

Coolest Halloween Candy

Think you're a candy expert? Think again. ParentDish tapped top candy retailers, manufacturers and connoisseurs to get the 411 on the hottest Halloween treats out there. Check out their recommendations, turn your porch light on and be the No. 1 d...

Author Urges Parents To Quit Hovering

Columnist Lenore Skenazy wrote about allowing her son Izzy to travel on the New York City Subway by himself at the age of 9, and got labeled "America's worst mom." She started the Free-Range Kids movement to silence her objectors. Credit: Joe Ko...

Cookie Dough

Each week, our friends at Cookie magazine bring us the best of what's hot and cool for parents and kids. This week: One-of-a-kind huggable bears, a book tote that helps feed kids in Nepal, and a super retro table lamp.

Pass The Pasta: Are Noodles Good For Your Kids?

Is there any food kids love more than pasta? Chances are, pasta, in some form, makes a regular appearance at the dining table. But should it be in regular rotation, or more of a once-in-a-while thing? Read on to find out whether Italian pasta, rame...

Cookie Dough

Each week, our friends at Cookie magazine bring us the best of what's hot and cool for kids and parents. This week: Fair trade toys, a place for all your cords, and napkin rings that hug you back.

Women Rally Around Widower to Breast-Feed Infant Son

Just six months ago, Robbie and Susan Goodrich of Marquette, Mich., were expecting their second child. Now Robbie Goodrich is the single father of two young children as he mourns the death of his wife while some two dozen women visit his house in s...

Toddler Falls From Third-Floor Window And Lives

Letzy Vazquez, 3, fell from a third-story window -- and survived. Credit: Robyn Adams, Republican-American / AP
A freak accident had a happy ending in Waterbury, Conn., on Sunday. Three-year-old Letzy Vazquez opened a window in her family's...

911 Dispatcher Gives Birth at 9:11 p.m. on 9/11

TaMara Sheppard of Tacoma, Wash., gave birth to her daughter at 9:11 p.m. on -- wait for it, wait for it -- 9/11. Freaky? Oh, it gets better. Sheppard is a 911 dispatcher. The Tacoma News Tribune reports that Sheppard, a dispatcher out of Puyallup, W...

Duggars Announce 19th Baby,feedConfig,entry&id=446772&pid=446771&uts=1251813935 Du...

Jon vs. Kate - Whose Side Are You On?

ParentDish and Life and Style magazine want to know: In the Gosselin divorce, whose side are you on these days? Jon and Kate Gosselin's 9-year-old twins, Mady and Cara, started school today, and just like moms and dads across the country, the co...


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