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Turn your kid's beloved childhood friend into a keepsake to be cherished forever. Credit: Hippopota As if propelled by some crazy hyper-time warp, kids seem to grow up in the blink of an eye. And, before you know it, cherished playthin...A photo of your child's favorite toy provides a lasting memory.

Dad Takes a Picture a Day For 12 Years

Say cheese! How often do you photograph your child? Image:
As parents, we love to take pictures of our kids. When they are first born, we keep our cameras close at hand, ready at all times to record each and every moment of this new little...

The best Father's Day presents are FREE!

Lately it seems a lot of pressure has been placed on getting presents for each other for pretty much every holiday that comes around in a year. I don't know if it's the economy, the effect of its sluggishness on me, or some sort of pregnancy hormone ...

One Hundred Young Americans: a fresh look at teenagers

Rapidly-evolving technology is making it easier for kids to get connected, and form sub-cultures beyond the understanding of their parents. Plus, by creating online personas through which they can share even the most intimate details of their lives, ...

Yet another yearbook picture

A student posing with a shotgun to show his love of trap shooting. Another wearing chain mail and with a sword resting on his shoulder. A young woman sitting backstage on a costume trunk holding a flower. What do these photos all have in common? They...

Image of the Day: exhausted by blueberries

I always find blueberries incredibly exhausting. They're so blue, you know? I'm sure I'd find them even more exhausting if I were a baby and my head made up a disproportionate amount of my body weight. Thanks to Bunmaster for this hilarious shot of ...


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