Put a Fork In It

If your food is organic, should your utensils be safe, too? Credit: Green Toys
It goes without saying that you want your tot using utensils made from healthy plastic: no BPA, no PVC, no phthalates. But here's an opportunity to go one step fu...

Mat Leave Drama, Dangerous Daycares and More

Each Friday, we dish out the best news stories of the week to help keep you in the loop. As if finding quality childcare and dealing with sleep deprivation isn't enough for for moms to worry about, more Canadian women are facing pink slips when t...

5 Ways to Get Harmful Chemicals Out of Your Child's Life

Since having kids, it seems like the amount of toxic chemicals in my world has increased exponentially. Every week, there's a new and terrible danger to children's health being trumpeted in the media, from plastics to preservatives. At times I wonder...

Plastic toys will lose the phthalates

Last week, Congress passed a law designed to ensure that the massive toy recalls of 2007 are not repeated. The bill, awaiting the signature of President Bush, gives the Consumer Product Safety Commission a larger budget, increases the fines for compa...

The danger of... shower curtains?

If you've spent even a few minutes reading the news over the last few months, then you've probably become familiar with the oddly-spelled and hard to pronounce word phthalates. Phthalates (pronounced thal-late)are used to make hard plastics flexible ...

Proceed with caution: Phthalates in baby products

That pink -bottled baby lotion may make your little one smell good enough to gobble all over, but new research shows that it can also expose him to a group of chemicals called phthalates. Phthalates are used to make plastics flexible and are found in...

Toxic toys could be banned in California

Some alarming accusations about the potentially devastating effects of an ingredient in plastic baby toys have provoked debate and a potential ban in California. California may become the first state in America to ban baby toys that some say are fill...

California to ban phthlataes in children's products

Phthalates are chemical substances used to soften and smooth plastics. The use of these chemicals is common in many children's products, including teething rings and rubber duckies. The European union , as well as 14 other countries, banned the us...

Phthalates linked to childhood asthma in study

Scientists, pediatricians, teachers, parents and everyone are wondering about the huge rise in childhood asthma. A study done in Sweden may shed some light on this. Phthalates, chemicals found in plastics, tend to migrate out of the products (like co...


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