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First Lady Michelle Obama Celebrates the First Year of 'Let's Move!'

Michelle Obama discussed the Let's Move! campaign on the "Today" show on Feb. 9, 2011. Credit: Peter Kramer, AP Photo/NBC Universal, Inc. Today marks the first anniversary of Let's Move!, the comprehensive initiative launched last year...The first lady says she wants kids to understand that "exercise" is just a code word for "play."

Parents Can Sue Schools for Skipping Gym Class, Court Rules

Although childhood obesity is rising at an alarming rate, many school districts are minimizing physical activity. Credit: Yuri Gripas, AFP/Getty Images
In an ironic turn of events, schools are now getting in trouble for skipping gym class. Acc...
According to a ruling this week by the California Court of Appeals, parents can take their children's public schools to court to force them to provide the minimum amount of physical education required under state law.

Kids In Day Care Not Active Enough, Study Says

Kids in day care don't get enough physical activity, a new study says. Credit: mrpbps, Flickr
Kids who spend time in day care centers don't get enough time to engage in physical play, a recent study finds.
Newswire reports that researchers fr...

Playground News - Girls are Less Active Than Boys

Visiting my daughter's kindergarten class at recess, it's hard to tell exactly who is playing with who. Boys and girls are everywhere, climbing, crawling, and chasing. But according a recent study, by age 10, boys are more likely to be the ones exerc...

Get back to nature with "Take a Child Outside" week

Twenty-five years ago, the idea of a "Take a Child Outside" week would have seemed ridiculous. We spent most of our free time outside as it was, riding bikes, exploring, playing with friends. But today, for reasons that vary from safety concerns to a...

Flip flops and flying mulch: Why kids in daycare aren't going outside

Among the thing I love about my daughters' school is their dedication to both indoor and outdoor exercise. During all but the coldest winter days, they took the kids outside for at least a 15 minute recess each morning. They were also diligent about ...

Kids, exercise, and the prevention of heart disease

An article published in the current issue of the Lancet, suggests that children need more exercise than previously recommended. In the study, over 1,700 children, aged 9 or 15 years, from schools in Denmark, Estonia, and Portugal served as subjects. ...

Obese children more likely to get bone fractures

The National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, Maryland has released some information indicating that heavier children are far more likely to experience bone fractures than their trimmer peers. After reviewing medical charts from 227 overweight and ...


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