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Getting Kids to Try New and Healthy Foods

"How do I get my child to eat fruits and veggies?" "Is it OK for my child to take a vitamin supplement and then eat anything he wants?" "My child only eats five foods: chicken fingers, fries, applesauce, cereal and milk." Do any of these quest...Kids picky eaters? Commit to changes to get them to try new foods.

Picky Eaters? The Sneaky Chef Offers Tips to Get Your Kids to Try Healthy Foods

Mac N Cheese Muffins from The Sneaky Chef. Credit: Photograph © Jerry Errico As The Sneaky Chef, Missy Chase Lapine has spent years perfecting hundreds of recipes for foods kids love -- only sneakily fortified with hi...Just sneak in a few superfoods to get kids to eat their veggies.

Picky Eaters: Pathological or Just Particular?

For picky eaters, there can be no food substitutions. Illustration by Dori Hartley Harrison Bloom, age 5, will eat macaroni and cheese only if it's Kraft brand. A friend's mom once resorted to pulling the iconic blue and orange box o...There's no official diagnosis called "picky eating," as it's often a symptom of a larger problem.

Vegetables, Schmegetables, Autistic Kids are Picky Eaters; Study Says Relax

Man does not live by bread alone, the Gospel of Matthew tells us. True. There must frequently be peanut butter and jelly involved. Oh, and chicken nuggets. Don't forget the chicken nuggets. Beyond that, man is one happy camper. OK, so the ...

Are You Raising a "Good" Eater?

As long as there have been mothers, children have been admonished: "Clean your plate!" Parents will go to great lengths to command, cajole or trick their picky kids into consuming the broccoli or beets left cold and uneaten. Doubtless, it's done with...

Should I Force My Daughter to Eat Healthy Food She Hates?

Dear Karla, My daughter has always been a picky eater. From an early age, my wife and I never forced her to eat the same foods as we did and got into the habit of preparing separate meal items for her. Now that our daughter is nine years old, we fee...

Babies Can Learn to Like Veggies in the Womb

Eating vegetables during pregnancy might make your child a born vegetable lover. color line, Flickr
If you want your child to eat her veggies, you can start before she is born. Drink carrot juice while you're pregnant. Some people actually lik...

Kerri Walsh, Gross Moms, and May Day - Links We Love

Can't afford organics in today's economy? One mom explains why she stretches her food dollar to include healthy foods, but doesn't include organics. -- Babble Friday is May Day, a great time to teach your kids a new tradition. Share flowers wit...

Top Chef Talks Picky Eaters

I'm raising one adventurous eater, a six-year-old who will try just about anything and likes a large enough variety of food that I'm comfortable she's getting good nutrition. And then there's her little sister, who can go an entire week surviving on ...

Stick it to me - Kid-friendly chicken

Welcome to Dishing it Out, ParentDish's weekly food column. Katie Workman lives in New York City with her husband and two boys, Jack and Charlie. By day she is the Editor-in Chief of the soon-to-be launched recipe website, Cookstr.com. Her posts wil...

Are adventurous eaters born or made?

Lesley Porcelli over at Gourmet isn't a mom yet, but she's well on her way and pondering what kind of eater her kid will be. Like a lot of non-parents, she readily admits that she has strong opinions about successful parenting, particularly when it c...

Think your kid is a picky eater? Boy, 2, subsists on yogurt

It's a common parental complaint: "My child is SO PICKY!" Picky eaters come in all forms -- those who will only eat a certain color food, or who choose fruits over vegetables, or who insist on having the same thing for lunch every day. No matter what...

It's your fault your kid is a picky eater

The first time Nolan pushed away his black cherry yogourt, a look of disgust spreading across his face, I was baffled. Nolan loves yogourt, it's been a staple favourite from the time he first ingested solids. But then I remembered: Nolan's father hat...

Picky eating habits are in the genes, not your bad parenting

I have written in previous posts about my frustrations regarding my youngest son's eating habits. Devon prefers mostly sweet foods, goat's milk or soft things. He shuns nearly all forms of protein, almost anything that grows in the ground and food wi...

No more crusts!

My kids are connoisseurs of shaped sandwiches. It is a habit I helped to facilitate when I began using cookie cutters to make their PB&J's more interesting. As a result, we have an entire Tupperware box filled with cookie cutter that have never e...


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