How to Please a Picky Eater

Help your kid take a gastronomic adventure. Credit: Corbis
From soupy sauces to brown beans, we all had foods that we couldn't tolerate as children. If you ever sat at the dinner table scowling and closed-mouthed while your parents begged you t...

Top food "mistakes" parents make

Getting your child to eat healthfully can be harder than a 48-hour labor. Much of the time, where picky eaters come from is unknown, although it seems able to start at an early age and set in for the duration of childhood if we're not careful. For m...

Adventures in Parenting: putting the smack down on picky eating

Really, I know all the strategies for dealing with food issues. For one of my mama friends, this was THE battle she fought with her boys on a daily basis, and she did all the research. And the strategy should be this: limit the options. Serve what yo...

Grant Achatz' kids eat truffles, and other things that impress me

Chef's kids eat better - more variety, more veggies, more interesting flavors and textures - than the rest of us. So says an "informal poll" conducted by the New York Times' Jennifer Steinhauer. Just look at these examples: Hugo Mathes...


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