Disposable Tableware Made With Sugar Cane? Sweet!

Bon appétit! Credit: Branch
Take your next picnic to a whole new level with WASARA disposable tableware, a line of gorgeous Japanese-designed products made to fit comfortably in the hand, while beautifully framing your culinary creations...

DailyDish - Avoiding the Stigma of the Kids' Table

Nobody likes the idea of being a second class citizen -- so don't exile your kids on Thanksgiving....

Labor day - day of last chances?

For pretty much everyone, Labor Day signifies the last day of summer. Never mind that most kids go back to school either the week before or after Labor Day, which many feel like is the real end of summer. Never mind that the actual end of summer is...

Picnic snacks in 20 minutes or less

Whether you are heading to the beach, the park or just hanging out in the back yard, great snacks are an essential ingredient to a fun day. But spending hours in the kitchen preparing for your outing can spoil the fun before it has even begun. Simple...

Red, white and blue foods!

Looking for an, er, interesting way to celebrate the 4th of July holiday this year? How about with food! Sure food will play a crucial role in your celebration--it generally does--but why not toss things up a bit this time around, and even make it f...

101 new options for picnic food fun (but are they kid-friendly?)

It's officially summer. To me that means long evenings, watermelon and picnics. Preferably watermelon served all day at the picnic and into the long evening. While I never grow tired of picnic food--burgers, potato salad and pasta salad come to mind...

The best Father's Day presents are FREE!

Lately it seems a lot of pressure has been placed on getting presents for each other for pretty much every holiday that comes around in a year. I don't know if it's the economy, the effect of its sluggishness on me, or some sort of pregnancy hormone ...

Visiting the amusement park

Last Friday, the company I work for had their annual company picnic. This year, it was held at Great America, an amusement park about an hour South of San Francisco. You might have seen the park featured in the movie Beverly Hills Cop III. While amus...

Lessons from Disneyland -- Lunch

They say you learn something new every day. I think that was certainly true for our visit to Disneyland this past week. One of the clearest lessons was this: don't eat lunch in the park. Or if you do, bring your own and make a picnic of it. Trust me,...


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