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Picture Books: New Takes on Old Topics

There are certain subjects -- friendship, numbers, big cities, the alphabet -- that get plenty of love from the children's book publishing industry. They're old standards, and we see new titles on these topics all the time. So, writers need to work e...Writers need to work extra hard to come up with fresh takes on classic kid-lit staples. Luckily for us, they do.

5 Great Children's Books for Women's History Month

When Women's History Month rolls around, the first way my 9-year-old daughter celebrates is by angrily griping, "Month?! We only get one month?" But after that, she likes to put her focus on learning about as many important historical women as she ...When Women's History Month rolls around, the first way my 9-year-old daughter celebrates is by angrily griping, "Month?! We only get one month?"

February Children's Books: A Tale for Every Holiday

For such a short month, February is certainly packed with holidays. And we've got great new picture books to commemorate each of them.
Amazon Groundhog Day "Brownie Groundhog and the February Fox" by Susan Blackaby, illustrated...
For such a short month, February is certainly packed with holidays. And we've got great new picture books to commemorate each of them.

Children's Picture Book Trend for 2011: Cats?

Every so often in the world of children's picture books, a specific animal species will unexpectedly jump into the spotlight. Sometimes you can trace the inspiration for the Flavor-of-the-Month critter back to a popular film, like when "March of t...Well, we're only a few weeks into 2011, but the animal taking the most starring roles so far seems to be the oh-so pedestrian cat.

The Many Faces of Children's Author Rosemary Wells

If you have children, chances are you've read a book by Rosemary Wells. The incredibly prolific author (her name appears on more than 60 books) is best known for her bunny-morphic slice-of-life Max & Ruby series, which has delighted preschooler...The prolific author has been especially busy these past couple of months, during which we've seen the release of three very different Wells books -- each for a very different audience.

Opinion: Don't Let Picture Books Die!

Dear parents: Illustrations don't make your kids dumb. Illustration by Christopher Healy
Apparently kids aren't reading picture books anymore. That's what's happening, according to an article recently published in The New York Times. Boo...
Dear parents: Illustrations don't make your kids dumb.

Lemony Snicket Gets Persnickety With P'Dish

Lemony Snicket: Not a lover of the paparazzi. Credit: Meredith Heuer
Today marks the launch of "13 Words," the newest book by Lemony Snicket, the enigmatic author of the bestselling 13-volume melodrama, "A Series of Unfortunate Events." The v...
ParentDish caught up with Lemony Snicket to discuss his new book and the surprising reason why he's writing for a younger audience.

Time to Swipe the Page: More iPad Picture Books

Our recent roundup of interactive picture-book apps for the iPad focused on fancied-up classics like "Alice in Wonderland" and "Green Eggs and Ham." But there's plenty of new material out there in the world of finger-swipe page-turning. Here, we ta...

Humor Both Dark and Light: The Picture Books of August

A book that can make a little kid laugh is a book he or she is going to remember and want to read again. But different kids laugh at some very different things. Is your child more of a "hee hee, look at the monkey's silly face" type? Or more of ...

Cry, Laugh, Shiver, and Learn: New Picture Books

Reading a good book can be an emotional experience. Here's a selection of new picture books that can run you through the full gamut.
"City Dog, Country Frog" by Mo Willems, illustrated by Jon J. Muth (Hyperion, $18) We all know M...

Summer Picture Books You Must Read to Your Kids

In these hot, schedule-mangling summer months, it can be difficult to remember to read to your kids. Here are some of the more pleasantly surprising recent picture books -- breaks from the typical that will help keep you interested as you provide y...

What Year Is It? Retro Kids' Books and Retro Art Styles

Between contemporary illustrators who recreate the look and feel of old-timey picture books and publishers printing new editions of under-the-radar "classics" from decades past, it can sometimes be hard to tell what era a children's book actually o...

A Web Site You Should Know: One Potato

OnePotato.net digs up great picture books you might otherwise miss. Credit: One Potato
With 80 gajillion Web pages clogging up cyberspace, it's far too easy for a wonderful, helpful site to get lost amid all the status updates, pop-up ads, an...

Minimalism Rules in March Picture Books

It's often the books with the biggest visual wow factor that get the most attention, the ones with lush, highly-detailed paintings or complicated pop-ups that require an engineering degree to construct. But telling a good story -- one with real d...

The Five Most Overused Children's Book Plots

Haven't you told me this story before? Credit: Corbis
We all know how a preschooler's capacity for repetition can make bedtime reading a mind-numbing experience for parents. Even good books can devolve into nothing more than well-illustrated tran...


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