SmackDown: Should Body Piercings Be Allowed in School?

Is a nose-piercing enough to get suspended from school? Credit: Christopher Healy
The School Should Stick Its Piercing Rules in a Hole. by Jessica Samakow You're entitled to believe anything you want, as long as we agree w...
Two reporters debate the fine points of a school-dress code.

Navel piercing almost kills teen in car accident

I am not a big fan of body-piercing mostly because it looks painful to me. I can see a lovely woman with a beautiful belly decorated with a sparkly stud and all I can think of is "ouch". I am just a wimp that way. 19-year-old Jessica Collins had no ...

Belly piercing jewelry for pregnant moms!

For some reason this post from the snarky site Dadsmacker on Offsprung had me rolling. I recently went through a pregnancy and while I didn't have my navel pierced and have to go through dealing with said piercing, I did have a tattoo to contend wi...

Parent vs. Parent: Tattoos, temporary and otherwise

The other day I was walking through the park when I overheard a group of parents bemoaning one of their son's choice of hairstyle. One of the others commented, in a very "I should be so lucky" tone that her grandson had asked his mother about ge...


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