piggy bank 

Personalized Piggy Banks

A sweet piggy bank will make a mom-to-be squeal with delight. Credit: Getty
Ca-ching! Who doesn't love the sound of coins clinking as they drop through a piggy bank slot? Cute, cool and memorable gifts, the only thing that can make a piggy bank g...

Cheap gifts for Father's day (the inexpensive kind, not the dinky kind)

Let's face it--the economy stinks. Or, maybe, we never had any money anyway. Still, we love dad and want to get him something special--or at least useful and not (too) gimmicky--for Father's Day. We don't have the money for the new watch he dese...

DNA helps nab piggy bank thief

What parent among us has not swiped a few bucks from our kid's piggy bank? Okay, maybe that is just me, but there was a time when a couple of dollars meant the difference between buying milk and eating dry cereal. If those couple of dollars happened ...

Money-savvy pig

Yesterday, as I was daydreaming about what to do with US$365 million, I was kindly slapped back to reality by Caitlin, who turned me onto this fantastic Money-Savvy pig.  Rather than wait for the millions to roll in the lottery way, I could use ...

Modern Tots: squishy cowbank

When Alex was born, one of the more common gifts we received were piggy banks.  They were all very beautiful -- some porcelain pink, some brightly-coloured Mexican ceramic -- but all, very, very breakable. Of course, at the time we received them...


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