P'kolino Little One's Art Easel

The P'kolino Little One's Art Easel is two-sided for double the fun. Credit: Want to foster your kids' love of art, but get tired of picking up loose pieces of paper and broken crayons off the floor all the time? Set them u...Two kids can create works of art at once with this handy easel.

P'kolino Puzzles

P'kolino's spaceship puzzle can be put together in a multitude of combinations. Credit:
Pulling things apart and putting them back together equals fun, fun, fun for many tots, and puzzles are a great place to start.
But ...
Kids get to think creatively, putting these cool wood puzzles together in as many variations as their little minds can imagine.

Art With Class

Bright idea. Credit: P'kolino
A good art set is a must-have, and we love the new one from P'kolino. Created in cahoots with European art supply makers Jovi, each box contains 12 nontoxic markers, 12 crayons and 16 colored pencils. The mar...


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