Placenta Boosts Baby's Brain Development

The human placenta plays an active role in synthesizing serotonin. Credit: Getty Images
There's nothing really pretty about the placenta, but don't downplay it's role in your baby's intelligence.
A recent study finds the human place...
Researchers found placenta plays a critical role in the baby's brain development

Pork Loin or Placenta: Hey Kids, Guess What's for Dinner?

Who's ready to eat placenta? Credit: Getty Images
Looking to scare your mother-in-law away from your holiday table this year? Try serving up placenta lasagna. Apparently, eating placenta is the new dinner du jour, according to San Francisco wr...
A surprising number of modern women and even a few men espouse the healing powers of placenta ingestion.

And Now -- The Placenta Teddy Bear

Designer Alex Green thinks a placenta teddy bear is a good idea. Credit: jupiterimages / Photodisc
Yes, you read the headline correctly. You may retreat to your nearest powder room. All done? OK, let's discuss. Toy designer Alex Green has c...

Baby iPhone App, Boy Finds Missing Man, and More - Links We Love

Deciding who's in the delivery room is a big decision. Image:
Do you track baby's every feeding, diaper change, coo and gurgle? Yep, there's an iPhone app for that. -- Cool Mom Picks When 11-year-old Logan Roberts when looking for a mi...

Would You Eat Your Placenta?

Your body has just experienced the profound physical trauma of childbirth. You're spent. Exhausted and, if you're like me, totally ravenous. You need a snack. You look around the room and your eyes land on -- your placenta. Yes, you heard that rig...

Naomi Watts says Breastfeeding Lead to Post-Pregnancy Weight Loss

As you may recall it's only been a few weeks since actress Naomi Watts had her second child. The Mulholland Drive star and beau Liev Schreiber welcomed son Samuel on December 13; recently, they spotted on the red carpet promoting Schreiber's latest e...

When "placenta brain" attacks

The other day I went to the post office and bought some stamps to put on some thank you notes I'd written for gifts I'd received for my new daughter. I'd actually created an excel spreadsheet with the name of each person who'd given me a gift, what ...

Mom gives birth in her front yard

Sometimes, no matter how much you plan and prepare for something, things just don't go quite right. Like when you go into labor 6 weeks early while driving home from the mall. And the only other person in the car with you is a sleeping two-year-old ....

Matthew McConaughey will plant his son's placenta

Matt McConaughey's bongo drums aren't just for show; the man is earthy and he's not afraid to show it. His costars have to learn to put up with his "natural scent," since he refuses to wear deodorant. And after the birth of his son Levi in July, he s...

Peach flavored placenta

Eager for the great taste of placenta but not planning on giving birth any time soon? Well, have no fear, the Japanese have come through for you. Nihon Sofuken offers Placenta 1000, a peach-flavored, jelly drink that contains 10,000mg of placenta in ...

Mom gets her placenta back

This kind of grosses me out a little bit, but I am just going to go with it. A Las Vegas mother has won her battle with Sunrise Hospital and Medical Center to keep the placenta that resulted from her daughter's birth. Originally, Anne Swanson's inten...

Hawaiian parents seek placenta of their child

From the Sun Journal/Associated Press:  Kalehua Krug and his wife, Kihapai, of Hawaii, recently gave birth to their third child.  As they had done  with their first two children, they asked the doctor if they could be given their daugh...


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