Twig Terrariums

Twig Terrarium DIY kits let you create your own tiny universe. Credit: Twig Terrariums
This weekend, we discovered the existence of fantastical miniature worlds at our local flea market.
Enter Twig Terrariums, creators of moss terra...
What makes these little green worlds so cool is that each one contains a special scene built from tiny figurines that completes the landscape.

Your Own Victory Garden

When it comes to getting things to grow, my thumb's not the greenest one out there. Many plants have died under my oversight. But one summer it happened: I got the hang of gardening, and the zucchini multiplied like rabbits. Relishing my victory, I ...

Backyard safety tips

I envy those of you with a backyard. Really, I do. Some of you have cookouts, some of you have pools. Some of you engage in a random game of horse shoe or lawn bowling. For those of you with kids, though, have you thought about just how safe your b...

Fun spring activity: Planting flowers

My daughter recently came home from school with a cup containing a pretty flower. She was so excited to have her very own plant that she couldn't even stand the thought of letting it leave her hands to go out in the yard. Inspired by her love of her...

Blogging Baby Size 6: Gardening with the toddler

Although I majored in early childhood development, I sometimes forget just what a toddler is and is not capable of achieving. Twisting door knobs with the stealth of an experienced bank robber? No, I had not thought that possible at just 20 months. H...


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